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APSE Board Member Job Description

APSE Board Member Job Description

APSE’s Mission

To advance employment equity for people with disabilities.

APSE’s Vision

All people with disabilities have competitive employment in an inclusive workforce.

APSE’s Values

We believe that everyone can and should work, and have the dignity of determining their career path.

Role of the Board of Directors

  1. Support the mission and vision of APSE.

  2. Ensure effective organizational performance.

  3. Provide oversight of Executive Director’s performance.

  4. Ensure APSE has adequate financial and other resources to fulfill APSE’s mission.

  5. Support and enhance the public image of the organization.

  6. Assess board performance.

Duties of Board of Directors

The APSE Board is responsible for oversight and monitoring of the following areas:

Planning and Operations

  1. Develop and revise APSE’s mission and vision as necessary.

  2. Ensure APSE’s operations and activities are in support of APSE’s mission and vision.

  3. Develop, implement, and monitor strategic plan.

  4. Via Executive Director, monitor and provide guidance on APSE operational issues.

  5. Monitor and take action as appropriate regarding internal and external opportunities and threats that may impact APSE.


Executive Director Oversight

  1. Select Executive Director.

  2. Monitor Executive Director’s performance and provide performance guidance, based on annual performance goals.

  3. Conduct annual performance review of Executive Director.

  4. Determine Executive Director salary and benefits according to APSE compensation policies.


Fiscal and Financial Oversight

  1. Review and approve annual budget.

  2. Monitor fiscal performance of APSE through review of financial reports.

  3. Provide necessary oversight and guidance to Executive Director on fiscal issues to assure the financial stability of the organization, and efficient and effective use of APSE’s financial resources.

  4. Approve major expenditures in compliance with APSE policies.

  5. Approve appointment of an independent certified public account or accounting firm to conduct an annual fiscal audit.

  6. Review and approve results of annual financial audit.

  7. Assure that published reports properly reflect the operating results and financial condition of APSE.

  8. Establish and enforce appropriate policies to define and identify conflicts of interest throughout APSE.

  9. Assist and support fundraising efforts.


Compliance, By-Laws, Policies, and Procedures

  1. Ensure compliance with all APSE By-Laws and policies.

  2. Develop and approve APSE policies.

  3. Review and revise APSE By-Laws and policies as necessary.

  4. Monitor and ensure full compliance with all federal and state legal and regulatory requirements, including but not limited to all requirements as a non-profit tax-exempt organization under section 501 of the Internal Revenue Service Code.


APSE Chapters

  1. Regularly review chapter performance.

  2. Support chapters to be effective vehicles for advancing APSE’s mission and vision.

  3. Provide guidance to APSE staff on supporting and expanding chapters.

  4. Ensure chapters are in full compliance with all APSE bylaws, policies and procedures.


Employment Support Professional Certification Council (ESPCC)

  1. Appoint APSE board representative to ESPCC.

  2. Provide general oversight of the ESPCC and the Certified Employment Support Professional (CESP) program and ensure compliance with ESPCC Policies and Procedures.

  3. Approve annual ESPCC budget.

  4. Approve changes to ESPCC Policies and Procedures as designated.


Board Operations

  1. Conduct annual board self-assessment.

  2. Implement changes as a result of board assessment.

  3. Provide oversight of annual board election.

  4. Appoint board members as necessary.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities as an Individual Board Member

  1. Regularly attend APSE Board of Director’s Meetings held via phone/internet (9 monthly meetings per year).

  2. Attend the in-person APSE Board of Director’s meeting held in conjunction with the annual APSE Conference held in late June or early July.

  3. Attend the annual in-person APSE Board of Director’s fall retreat.

  4. Attend chapter events within board member’s geographic region.

  5. Support chapters in region as appropriate for board member role (At-Large or Regional Delegate).

  6. Prepare for and participate in APSE Board of Director’s meetings in order to make informed, independent, and objective decisions.

  7. Serve and be an active participant on at least one APSE committee.

  8. Positively promote APSE both internally and externally, and leverage relationships for the benefit of APSE.

  9. Participate in annual board assessment and board member self-assessment.

  10. Support knowledge of APSE’s mission, programs, resources, and needs.

  11. Bring to the board’s attention internal and external opportunities and threats that may impact APSE.

  12. Assist in the development and implementation of fundraising strategies and campaigns.

  13. Provide personal financial support as able, to APSE.

  14. Maintain an APSE membership.

Attendance Requirements

Board members may not miss more than 3 online/telephone meetings per term year. Board members who miss more than three meetings during the term year will be asked to resign their position from the Board of Directors.  Attendance of the APSE Board of Director’s meetings held in conjunction with the annual Conference and the mid-year meeting/fall retreat in Rockville, MD are required, in-person.

Board Terms

Elected members are elected to the APSE Board of Directors to serve a 3-year term, and may be re-elected for one additional second 3-year term. Appointed members are appointed to 1-year terms, and may be appointed for up to two additional 1-year terms.

Travel Costs

Travel costs associated with participating as a member of the APSE Board of Directors (airfare, ground transportation, lodging, telephone, etc.) are the responsibility of the board member. APSE may assist with travel expenses on an as-needed basis.

Board Members Serve as Volunteers

All members of the APSE Board of Directors serve as volunteers and are uncompensated for their time.

Regional Delegate Job Description

The APSE Regional Delegates are the representatives of the state chapters on the APSE Board of Directors. Each Regional Delegate represents the chapters in their specific region.

Duties of the Regional Delegates

  1. Serve as an active member of the APSE National Board of Directors.

  2. Serve as an active member of the APSE Delegates Council and assist with Council duties. Specific duties of the Delegates Council include: a) development of the annual Chapter Leadership Forum and other chapter-related events at the annual APSE conference; b) development of training and development activities for chapters; c) development, review, and updating of chapter by-laws, and policies and procedures.

  3. Schedule and facilitate monthly conference calls or web-based meetings with chapter board members within their region in order to share information about chapter accomplishments, identify chapter challenges, and provide information from the national APSE Board and Staff. Feedback from these meetings is to be shared during the Delegate Council meetings.

  4. Maintain ongoing communication with chapters in their respective region, to provide support to the chapter in terms of chapter activities, successes and challenges. Work with APSE staff on developing strategies for responding to support needs of chapters.

  5. Review the status of the chapter benchmarks for the chapters in their respective region and work with APSE staff and chapter board on addressing issues identified.

  6. As able, attend at least one-chapter event in each state in their respective region per year.

  7. Work with Delegate Council chair on summarizing chapter issues (accomplishment, challenges, concerns, etc.) to present to the full APSE National Board.

  8. Work with At-Large Board members from states in their respective on supporting chapters in the region, including having a presence at chapter events.

  9. Work with the APSE staff on development of new chapters in their respective region.


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